^^^Dogs and Food, not dog food.

Week 5 was relatively chill, no crazy events or climbing mountains or leaving Hangzhou this time.

We went to this “Library” called Yuhang Design Library but it was more of a designer workshop. Everything there was made from scratch and gosh…they look so “atas”.

Looks like a work of art. But then again I know nothing about art.

I don’t get the meaning of why some things are made this way like the plant above sitting on a chair? Abstract art is it?

The best company in the house~ Pupppppiessss.

That golden-globe-ball-looking-thing is a hotel, and we took 20 minutes going round in it just to find a toilet that is open. Talking about walking in circles…

And for the finishing move!

Because China has cheap and good food, it was 50 yuan per pax for the two of us and that is 10SGD per person for that insanely delicious 1-hour-wait Japanese meal. Worth it winner.

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Hi, I am Marvin, currently a fresh-no-more entering ESD. TFI was an option to all of us upon application for ALP, 10 was selected among the rest. I believe to fully experience the culture, to understand their lifestyle and to gain something extra out of this trip in China, we have to expose ourselves and be open to learn and see new things. The importance of giving back to society is essential to us, to remind us not to take for granted what we were blessed with.


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