Sunday was our only full day off out of the two weeks, and it was great to take a break!  Many of us used the day as an opportunity to do some exploring at the Sentosa beaches.

We have had such great weather throughout the week, but it was disappointing to finally have a rainy day when we planned to go to the beach!

It turned out to be a great day though, as the rain cleared up, we all went swimming at Siloso Beach, took pictures with the other Merlion, and wandered around Universal Studios.

In the evening, we met up with some more people to go to Orchard for some dinner and shopping.  It was altogether a great day, and we decided to not even try to do any Solidworks or meet to talk about the robot.  It was great to take a break and enjoy the day, meeting more people and seeing the city, and now we’re all refreshed and ready to go tomorrow!

Khaled Abdelrhman Mohamed Abdallah

Menofia University

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