DATE 2019 Week 8: The 湖墅学校(HuShu School) Experience Part 2

1st July - 7th July 2019

Class in Session

TFI 2nd Lesson: More Lessons and Frisbee


For the second session, we firstly conducted music classes where the students sang to the song of their choices. Then we conducted an English class, teaching them basic English for the different parts of the external body such as the face, eyes. However, the students did not like English, as they said it just sounded noisy to them and they were unable to understand.


Playing Frisbee

After singing and the English lessons, we brought the students to the field for some frisbee. We processed to teach them the basics, such as throwing and catching. The students seem to enjoy it very much. However, it was tiring trying to keep up with the students who were filled with energy and excitement.

I felt this session was better conducted, as we were able to interact more with the students at Wushu and able to understand them better.

(Date of Trip DATE 2019 Week 3,  29th May 2019)

TFI 3rd lesson: The Dance

The Preparation

To prepare for our final activity, some of us came up with two different sets of simple dances moves for the students. However, we realized that the students would have issues following the dance. Hence, the dances became simplified so that the students can follow.

The Dance Session

The dance activity was conducted in Wushu’s indoor sports hall where some of us were demonstrators. At the start, the students had difficulty following the dance moves. But by the end, the students were able to show an ample amount of improvement. Although, they were not able to fully perform the full dance. I find that as long the students had fun, I would consider that activity as a success.

Nonetheless, there are still areas that I felt that we could improve on. Such as the low language proficiency some of us have which affects the communicate with the students. A possible situation would be to prepare tools to better converse with the students, to understand the students better.

At the end of the session, we gave out snacks and stationaries to the students as a farewell gift.

(Date of Trip DATE 2019 Week 4,  5th June 2019)

Overall Reflection

To conclude, the interactions with the students has been a unique experience for me. I realized that being an educator in any country, for any age has their own challenges. This is especially true for those teaching students with disabilities. This caused me to have more respect for educators and made me appreciate being born with a healthy body and a sound mind.

Special Thanks to those in the Photos

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