1.Arriving at Hangzhou——ZJU(Zi Jin Gang)

We come to Hangzhou with excitement and we are supposed to spend a whole term at Zhejiang University. Upon stepping into the campus, the beautiful scenery has attracted our eyes. The willows on either side of the Cuibai(翠柏) road fluttered in the wind. And our hostel is quite near a food street just outside the campus where locals here named it Duoluo Street(堕落街) . This is the first time we have had the pleasure of tasting Hang bang Cai. (杭帮菜) The traditional taste of food attracted us and we spent most of our time seeking and tasting the food here.


  1. Exploring the history of ZJU

Zhe Jiang University has seven campuses so far. We will stay and study in Zi Jin Gang campus for most of our class time and free time but we will do our project mainly in Yu Quan campus (玉泉校区).

We went to the history museum and technology museum respectively in our campus-tour. The thing impressed us most is the long history of ZJU compared to SUTD. Zhejiang University has experienced many wars since its establishment. During the WW2, Zhejiang University had moved to the west part of China to avoid the war and moved back to Hangzhou in 1945.

The technology museum showed us much-advanced technologies invented by students, professors or researchers of ZJU.

  1. A culture tour to West Lake(西湖)

This Saturday we went to visit the Leifeng Pagoda(雷峰塔) , Bai Di and boating on the West Lake.

Leifeng Pagoda is the place where Bai Suzhen(白素贞) was imprisoned. Look down from the top of the tower you can see the whole West Lake and the breeze brush your cheek, making you feel like in paradise.


Surprisingly, Bai Di is crowded and difficult to move, but we managed to catch the West Lake’s beautiful appearance closely.



Boating on the west lake is really entertaining. We had enjoyed a good afternoon in West Lake.



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