One week has passed and I certainly have to admit that I am in awe of the Chinese culture here in Hangzhou… From first settling into our dorm for the next 3 months, to checking out nearby delicacies around school (& yes that also includes the school canteen!), to traveling outside of school on DiDi (Grab equivalent here) and finally visiting picturesque scenic areas… This past week has been a true blessing.

There’s so much to see, experience and of course food to inhale and with that I’ll let the pictures do the work 🙂

11 May 2019

Departing for Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

Home for the next 3 months

12 May 2019

First meal at Zhejiang University Canteen & the best part? Its less than 2 SGD

Waiting to set up our local mobile numbers

Grocery shopping at Walmart


First taste of Hangzhou’s street food

13 May 2019

Visited the campus library at night and …. wow

14 May 2019

Morning workout – Burning some calories to take in more haha


ZJU History Exhibition & ZJU Science and Technology Exhibition tour

Cultural Experience Activity @Liangzhu Dream Town

15 May 2019

Recce trip to 杭州市湖墅学校 with TFi fam

Met up with our classmate!! 🙂

16 May 2019

First theme meeting

17 May 2019

Visited the local wet market

Being a true Singaporean [Bought a whole bag of bread just because of a long queue :”)]

18 May 2019

Buddy Day!! It was a really a day to remember because ZJU students brought us around the area for a local cultural experience, ranging from a campus tour to a visit to the famous west lake in Hangzhou.

This past week has been a real goooood start to the DATE experience. Can’t wait for what’s in place for us over the next 13 weeks!


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