Hey everyone! Week 11 is already over but I’ll still be dedicating a short post on Week 10. Basically it was a week where our theme spent most of our time in the office making progress on our app. (Sorry, we didn’t take pictures of us in the office D:)

If you aren’t already aware, our app, eMello, is an e-reader which is tailored for young children to read e-books and learn English. It has a child-friendly interface and, by using Machine Learning on any e-book, automatically chooses background music that matches the text to play while the child is reading. This enhances the reading and learning experience of the child!

My role in this project is to work on the Swift Code together with my group leader Zhao Tong. As both of us are totally new to Swift, we spent a lot of time self-learning and figuring out how to code the things we want in the app and debugging the problems we face as we go about developing. It’s also the first time for me constantly seeing code that’s not written by me, as we are working together in a pair. I’ve always found it easier to understand code by typing it out myself rather than reading it, but now I’m getting faster in understanding Zhao Tong’s code by reading and discussing them.

I believe the experience of self-learning a new programming language and coding in a pair will be useful to me in the future. See you guys soon in the next post!

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