The most meaningful day we think is Saturday. Qirui and me went for Yixing毅行, from Yuquan campus to Zhijiang campus, we walked for over 6 hours. Climbing the mountains were exhausting, but we had chances to view from the top, we followed some students in chorus, they sang while they were walking as if tireness faded away….anyway the process was fun, reaching the destination was even a great achievement!!

The first design lesson happend on Thurday, when we bulit some origami robots. It shouldn’t be our first time to touch Ardinuo for SUTDents but it is…..we spent a lot of time figuring out all the functions. It is not new for me, I was the volunteers for SUTD LLI program and I helped conducting origami robot and Arduino workshop, but this time it is a lot more complicated.

Our team went to Yuquan Campus today to attend Big Data lectures this morning. The course is recommended by our prof Wu. Honestly we didn’t quite understand what’s going on. Sometimes we see some terms we learned in SUTD, like training set, knn neareast.. then we can catch a little bit.

We visited Xianxing 3D technology on Wednesday, another company with 3D printing technology and design. I strongly recommend SUTD buy some mini 3D scanner with handles hahh, it is tiny and cheap, and much more convenient than the 3D scanners displayed in our library.

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