This week was a mixture of grinding for our project and some exploration around the city area.

Future Learning – By Lewin, Javier and Brandon

As usual, we continued our Design Fiction classes and this week, we had to make some posters and I was pretty impressed with the poster my group did. The theme for the posters was ‘Future Learning’ and I think ours was pretty funny. Maybe SUTD would like to use it for next year’s publicity 😀 (joking) This course is really fun and I really enjoyed the lessons that we had. Next week is going to be the final lesson of design fiction and I’m looking forward to it!

Our project is getting into it’s final part and we have selected three ideas for our smart home project that we are going to work on. Every meeting takes 3 hours and we have 2 to 3 meetings a week. Hopefully next week I can show more about our project when it is more concrete.

Guess who got 103 points:D but that was only the 2nd game, the first game was pretty humiliating for me.

I went to 2 places over the weekend, first was bowling. It was a pretty exciting game all the way and Vanessa can bowl super well!(102 points) and Doreen had a very bad game until turn 8 when she finally got 2 spares and a strike! Anyways, it was a fun bonding session between a few of us because some of us didn’t really hang out often with each other. DATE is really a wonderful place to know more people!

Raffles City in Hangzhou?
Meat Platter Galore at 绿茶!

Another place I went to was a Capitaland mall called Raffles City… Singapore anyone??? I could not find any Singapore supermarkets or restaurants while I toured the place but I may have left it out. But we went to a very good restaurant and we had really good food. As we have about 1 month left in China, I will really miss the affordable good food here.

1 more month to go:(

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