Week 1 in South Korea!! (KAIST)


It has been a week since KAIST summer school has started. In general, the classes here are very fast paced as they are teaching a semester worth in 1 month so mid term exams are in week 2 of school. WHUUUTTTTT?! However, the students and professors here are really nice and friendly as they helped us eased into the school so we do not look as “foreign” to the other undergrads hehehe!

So we had our orientation on 28th June. It was the usual, self introduction, campus tour etc etc. we actually went to kayak after that as the kayaking place was free for KAIST students!! What a wonderful news to hear.










And then, the first week of school commences. My classes are from 10am to 4pm everyday but since I do not have any pictures of my classes, i shall just show you guys the food I have been eating throughout the week after class! The food here are really good and pretty affordable so I ate ALOT but i hit the gym often to make myself feel less guilty kekek!:) P.S. Each dormitory block has a gym by itself that is open for 24hrs so you can gym anytime you want and it is always not crowded.

Then comes the weekend where we had our 2 days 1 night field trip organised by KAIST for their KISS programme students! So on our first day, we went to Wonju in the morning to experience the making of traditional korean paper and also made a jewelry box that we get to bring home as souvenirs.















Then we went to Junju Hanok Village to see how the historic structures co exist together with the modern times like roads, high rise buildings. It was beautiful. Then we got to try Hanbok (traditional korean wear) and we were given about 2 hrs of free time to walk around the village with our Hanbok. We took many really interesting photos and I had a lot of fun with my new found friends!







Then we ended day 1 by making Jeonju Bibimbap ourselves for dinner! The difference between Jeonju Bibimbap with the usual ones is that Jeonju’s one has an extra component of the “Yellow Jelly” that is seasoned with their “secret sauce”. Hmmm secretive much.











Alright! Then here comes day 2! For day 2, we went to Taekwondowon (Teakwondo Academy) to visit their national taekwondo museum, enjoyed a performance by their athletes before trying out taekwondo ourselves! It was a really tiring day and I remembered crashing on the 1 and a half hour bus ride back to KAIST heheheh! Oh ya, and they actually gave us a certificate and a taekwondo belt with our korean name embroidered on it! How cool is that?! I am really thankful for this taekwondo experience in their academy because it is not open to public but i actually got to wear the uniform and attend their lessons and even got to eat in their canteen for their athletes!

All in all, the first week was really eventful, especially the weekend. During the weekdays after class, I would study and do some work before heading out to shop or eat dinner with my friends just to unwind and chill. More interesting and fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks so look out for my next few posts!! Peace out.









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