Good day everyone! Megan here reporting for our week 6 adventures! I did not in fact go out with my group but rather a mix of others from other groups and we headed out of berkeley to san francisco for the day. (We have pretty much finished exploring berkeley). This is actually our second time travelling to san francisco (our first was to the golden gate bridge and Chinatown) and we went with the aim of visiting the famous BOBA GUYS and GHIRARDELLI. We took the AC transit bus across to san fran and it was approximately an hours journey and rushed immediately to boba guys before they closed. The queue shocked us to our core because it spilled over to neighbouring shops and it only made us more excited. We queued for a solid 1 hour and finally got to drink this world renowned boba tea, how satisfying! However because I ordered a wrong combination of drinks, i did not enjoy mine as much as i did my friends. I would have to give it a 5/10.

The drink with the wrong combination











Moving on we took another bus down to ghiradelli to indulge in some chocolates (world renowned too) and also to buy some back as souvenirs. I initially thought it was one famous store on its own but it turns out to be a chain of stores and restaurants selling chocolate related food and chocolate bars itself! After a lot of math involved and time sampling chocolate, we bought nearly $200 worth of chocolate back to split among the 5 of us. Its insane, but SO WORTH IT! Also, the chocolates are all displayed in their respective flavour piles are meant for people who wish to customise their mix and weight of chocolates, but many also choose to snack directly from the piles of chocolate and it seemed okay…so each of us took 10 extra squares of chocolate home- one of every flavour. How singaporean right?

GHIRARDELLI Chocolate (best choice for gift to family and friends)

On our way to our next location we chanced upon Krispy Kreme, the world famous doughnut and absolutely had to get some. We only later realised the store we went to was in fact the largest in America! How cool! There was even an open area where at times you could view the doughnut making process however the machines were not operating while we were there. There was also a large dining area for dine in customers and a whole long shelf of merchandise like pins, mugs, shirts and bears.

Krispy Kreme


with Julia and Chin Hong










Our last stop was to fisherman’s wharf because I had told my friends i really loved clam chowder and they insisted I tried this famous one by the boats at boudin bakery cafe. Served in a thick sourdough bread bowl, it exceeded all my expectations. I loved every bite however the fact that each bowl was $10 restricted me from getting another. I would have had 5 more bowls. We stayed a little while after eating talking about how time flies so quickly here and it was already week 6! Only 2 more weekends left to explore and how we’d better make full use of it. It got late by the time we were ready to leave so we booked a lyft back to the transit terminal to catch a bus back to international house. The whole way back I cradled the box of a dozen donuts in my arms like it was my child and the night ended with 5 of us having drool worthy donuts as a 12am supper snack!

Must try Clam Chowder in fisherman whart

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