…Continuing from the list of places to visit in Pohang, here is a list of aesthetically pleasing places to visit that you can post on your Instagram!:

  1. Skywalk (POSCO walkable rollercoaster)
  2. Yeongildae Beach
  3. (Not gone to) Gonryun mountain

👉 Filming locations of Popular K-dramas (Hometown Cha Cha Cha and When the Camellia Blooms):

  1. Homigot and Guryongpo Japanese Street
  2. Wolpo Beach
  3. Sabang Memorial Park


Skywalk 🎢

Being the first walkable rollercoaster in Asia built by POSCO, the largest steel-making company in Korea, the dragon-like architecture provides a 360º landscape view of Eastern Pohang coasts and mountains at different angles.

🕔 Evenings on the weekdays would be the best time to visit when there are not so many people, catching the sunset followed by seeing the structure be brought to life with the colourful LED lights under the dark sky.


Yeongildae Beach 🏖

20min walk away from the Skywalk, you will find the cafe paradise with coral blue sea view along the coasts of Yeongildae Beach. The Hanja for Yeongildae (迎日台)literally means ‘sun welcoming tower’, located off the coast in the middle of the sea. Events would often be held along the coast so look out for them!



Homigot 🐅

Home to the iconic hand statues indicating the Easternmost point of South Korea, where the first sunrise of every New Year is celebrated.  Homigot (호미곷/ 虎尾岬)meaning ‘tiger tail cape’, accurately describes the geographical structure of the land. You will also find the tallest lighthouse in South Korea here!




When Camellia Blooms in Guryong-po Japanese street 🏯

A theme street with Japanese-influenced 2-storey shophouses and filming location for the popular K-drama “When the Camellia blooms”. You will find red camellia flowers around the small village, the icon of the drama, and the Guryongpo Modern History Museum housing traditional Japanese furniture and interior design, along the street. (Guryongpo means 9 dragon port)

Can you find the 9 dragons? 👀



Hometown Cha Cha Cha 🌺

(Wolpo Beach and Sabang Memorial Park)

To passionate K-drama fans, if you have heard of the drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” on Netflix, you would have definitely seen the iconic ‘boat on the hill’ and the beautiful beach scenes.

Did you know? The filming locations of the imaginary city ‘Gongjin’ in the drama are actually spread around Pohang!

Travelling to these locations is really inconvenient as they are usually only accessible by car, but we were lucky to have our bus trip organised by the POSTECH DICE community to Wolpo Beach, which is also near the Sabang Memorial Park where the boat is.

In Korea, this bus trip, also called MT (Membership training), is a bonding session between University students when they gather over games and drinking (Yes, soju!). Coming from a conservative background, it was out of my comfort zone but I participated in some small games that did not involve drinking and learnt how the French played cards (it was interesting how they had different ways of punishment for the different cards).

On our impromptu trip to see the boat, we had a hard time getting a village bus to the park and had to go there by taxi (which is highly affordable in groups!). The hike up was only 30min while chit-chatting and taking pictures on the way. Be prepared to be surprised by the view it has to offer up on this ‘hill’, it cannot be compared to Bukit Timah Hill!

Dreamy mountainous view 😍🤩


‘Cha Cha Cha!!’ 💃💃💃


Gonryun Mountain ⛰

This is one of the places I did not get to visit due to time constraints and a good place for hiking with friends. But I shall put it here for reference!


Thoughts 💭

Yes, this is sounding so much like a cliche travel blog but when can I get the chance to post something like this? 💁‍♀️

Do not let the thought of being away from the capital city hinder you from exploring the less travelled! These trips have definitely been a fulfilling experience to challenge and motivate me to be more courageous and spontaneous in making decisions and taking steps to grow my comfort zone.

Thank you for staying with me till the end of the Pohang trip, but this is not the end yet 😉

Stay tuned for more trips in Gyeongsangbukdo – Gyeongju!


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