Class enrollment

Bidding for classes online was not difficult, but some classes were subjected to changes due to reasons such as small class sizes and having to be cancelled, or the teaching language being changed to Korean instead of English.

⚠ (Always have a backup plan! Have some courses on standby) ⚠

I was on the brink of having to change courses due to one of the classes being too small, and I could not find a suitable course that could be approved by SUTD, so it would be advisable to do your research to have additional courses that could map to your home courses! Also, do keep in touch with your course professors through e-mail so they can update you on any changes! ✉

Being the first batch of international students post-covid, the classes were online 💻 for the first 2 weeks, so we did not have any chance to interact much with our classmates.


Physical classes were held over different faculty buildings within the campus and if you are lucky, you will be able to spot the campus celebrity cat Nobel, chilling in the campus square in front of the Auditorium.

The Nobel prize mascot (POSTECH Ponix who?)

👉Check out her instagram here!



Cooking in Dormitory

Trying to save money by cooking yourself? There’s a shared lounge shared between 2 floors in DICE, so feel free to cook here! I’ll be sharing some helpful ways of getting groceries and cooking utensils in the following half of the post, so bookmark this page if you will be coming to POSTECH for an exchange!


Getting groceries!

There are lots of grocery places around the campus and it can be confusing as to which to go to, so here’s a list of places I compiled to help you decide on based on affordability and accessibility!:

  1. Hyoja R-mart:
  • Most convenient, 15 min walkable🚶‍♀️ distance South⬇ of POSTECH

👍 For cheap vegetables and affordable groceries


2. Homeplus:

  • (there are 2: nearest one opposite the intercity bus terminal and the other one near Jukdo Market)
  • For cheap milk 🥛
  • ⚠ NEVER buy vegetables here!! (it’s VERY EXPENSIVE) **exceptions apply

👉 **tip: Watch out for late-night clearance promotions near the cashier counters (in mobile carts) to get very cheap deals on vegetables and fruits!


3. Lotte Mart:

  • 20 min walkable🚶‍♀️ distance North⬆ of POSTECH
  • For cheap snacks 🍟 and bulk discount for seasoned seaweed 😛
  • More shops to explore in the radius (Olive Young 💄)


4. E-mart hypermart (largest in I-dong):

  • Extremely cheap options

👎 Cons: Inconvenient, no direct bus (need to transfer from bus 207 one stop before Intercity bus terminal, 대잠사거리, to bus 216 that stops near E-mart)


Lifestyle gadgets + Utensils

You can get your fry pans, cups, spoons and more from any DAISO🏠 stores (Yes, like the Japan DAISO in Singapore but cheaper)

🙌 Fun fact! : DAISO (다이소) in Korean means it has everything, and it lives up to its name!👌


Online shopping

It is highly recommended to get your Alien Registration Card (ARC)💳 and a PHONE NUMBER📞 linked to your ARC (I’m highlighting this because it really makes life much easier!) Why? Because most services require you to use your phone number for identity verification, it’s very mafan!)

Below are some useful online shopping platforms:

  1. Coupang
  • The king of Korean online shopping = Shopee in Singapore
  • The one-stop all-you-need platform, products range from jams, cooking pans, electronic gadgets, to clothes and shoes at extremely cheap prices!
  • Good to get quality frying pans here!

👉 Tip!: Sign up for the 1-month WOW delivery experience trial for free delivery*

*Remember to cancel it before 1 month or you’ll get charged 5000 won per subsequent month! (Still very cheap though)


2. SSG

  • Another one-stop platform for grocery shopping if you are not free to head down to one of the marts mentioned above
  • Sells all kinds of groceries


3. GMarket

  • For K-pop lovers, it is advisable to get your goods here for cheap!


That concludes my post!😎

Hope these living tips will make your life easier haha 😀



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