First international students trip to Bruges!

Starting with a welcome party!

The semester started with an introductory party, the Belgium style. That party has defined my entire exchange experience, as it was there I met a group of other international students from all over the world, and shared my exchange experience with for the rest of the semester. A day after our first meeting, we took a trip to Bruges together. That was the start of my travels!

Since then, I traveled to 23 different cities, in 11 different countries! These countries are mostly in Europe (EU), and it opened my eyes to the differences and the similarities of each country, while keeping in mind the comparison to Singapore, or even Asia in general.

Good food with good friends!

Food in Europe is generally expensive, so most exchange students learnt an exceptionally important life skill: Cooking. A home cooked meal can cost up to 20-30 euros a week, which is about the average spending on food if you eat out for a day. This is the time where having international friends are great! Sometimes we cook random stuff that are common to our country and share them with each other.

Lastly, I would encourage you to go out of your comfort zone, travel the world, make new friends and pick up some new skills.

From Eugene (GEXP, 2018) ~

First international students trip to Bruges!
Genuine Italian pasta! Made by my Italian friend
Farewell party at friend’s place. Pity I have an exam on the next morning (Saturday morning?!?!?!)
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