Celebrating the start of 2019 with fireworks at the London Eye

I embarked on a 4.5 month semester exchange to Universite Catholique de Louvain from 5 September 2018 to 18 Jan 2019. I truly experienced, seen and delved into the living culture of the Europeans at this time.

When I first left Singapore, I honestly thought that all the comments about it “broadening your perspectives”, “teaching you to be more independent”, “giving more insights about the world” were really cliché and of course not true. However, after the past 4.5 months, I can vouch that I was very wrong indeed.

From my challenges and experiences of living alone, travelling Europe (solo at some times), and studying in a different system, it has really opened my eyes and taught me so much. Some of these things made me realised that Singapore is truly a very comfortable and convenient place to stay, and that there is really nothing like home.

That’s all for now and some pictures below for you to enjoy!

From Wesley (GEXP 2018) ~

Watching the famous Les Miserables theatre show in the heart of London
University Square of UCLouvain
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