In Waterloo, there are many beautiful places to head to both near the campus, and slightly further out. This post serves to highlight some of the places that I managed to visit during my exchange there.

Laurier-Waterloo Park

Only about one light-rail stop away from the main campus, the Laurier-Waterloo park is a relatively small but quaint park, with plenty of open spaces to have a picnic, and even a small petting zoo with donkeys and llamas. Definitely nice for an afternoon or morning stroll!

Laurel Creek Conservation Area

Slightly further away from campus, there is the Laurel Creek Conservation Area, a great place if you really like trees! There are a few trails for you to choose from, depending on what you would like to see (more trees vs less trees), and how much time you would like to spend at the conservation area, but it is definitely nice to just walk through and breathe in the fresh air! Note that there is an entrance fee of CND7!

Algonquin Provincial Park

A very large park (as in, you need to drive through the park to go from one end to the other kind of large), a few hours away from campus by car. It is a beautiful park, especially when the trees start turning brown, but be sure to bring your own lunch because eateries there get extremely crowded during that season (about a 2 hours wait for a sandwich).

Bruce Peninsula

Lots of driving to get here, but is it worth it? Maybe? There are a few points of interest here, but beware of the endless drive through farms and empty lands.

Niagara Falls

A place that needs no introduction. A must-go.

Waterloo and Canada as a whole has plenty to offer for nature-lovers. Absolutely breath-taking!

– Ryan

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