Students here do strange things when it comes to the midterm exams. There is not recess week, and so in the week before, the following was observed:

  • The provision of extra bins around the school to accomodate a triple increase in student  consumption of americano and latte.
  • A line of students forming outside the library in the morning before library opening hours, the organised rush towards seats.
  • A student brushing his teeth in the library (not in the toilet, but at his table). Comparable to the lady I saw brushing her teeth, walking outside, on the way to class.
  • The presence of laptops and bags in the study spaces overnight, the endless ‘choping’ of a seat.
  • The orchestra of morning alarms in the study space, of students who slept in.

It was a wild week.

In other news, I attended the nearby flower festival and there was a stone competition! That’s right, bring your best stone and win a prize!

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