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Are you a fan of art, natural reserves, and food? Then Taiwan is the place for your Global Exchange Program! Taiwan is packed with wonders, waiting for you to discover; events are held all year and there are numerous opportunities for you to participate in them. Events such as carnivals and outdoor concerts are hosted throughout the country frequently, and believe me, they are amazing. There will never be a time where you are at a loss for things to do, and boredom will never be a concern throughout your stay in Taiwan.

Campuses in National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, NYCU

As the institution has undergone several mergers, it now operates several campuses across Taiwan, and not all of your modules will be offered in the same campus. The majority of the Computer Sciences and Engineering courses are generally held on two campuses. “新竹光復校區 (Guangfu Campus)”, and is still commonly known as 國立交通大學 (National Chiao Tung University) in Hsinchu, and the other, “台南歸仁校區 (Gueiren Campus)” in Tainan. As a result, before taking any module, you should check with the course professors about the arrangement of the lectures and assessments. Modules in Gueiren campus are often held online.

Humanities and Social Science, HASS, modules may also be held in Yang Ming Campus in Taipei, as HASS is provided at both the Guangfu Campus and the Yang Ming Campus. Attending lessons on both campus will not be much of an issue as NYCU provides free shuttle service between YangMing Campus and Guangfu Campus, thus do ensure to include transportation time in the planning of your modules.

Accommodation will also be distributed across different dormitories on different campuses, with some of you being assigned to the Bo’ai Campus. Despite the fact that Bo’ai Campus is close to Guangfu Campus, the dormitory on Bo’ai Campus is not close to the classrooms on Guangfu Campus. Therefore, please be aware that you are able to change your dormitories at Guangfu camp at the housing office. However, if you choose to remain on the Bo’ai campus, NYCU offers a free shuttle service between Bo’ai campus and Guangfu campus.

Modules in National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, NYCU

Mapping of courses – 1

NYCU courses are released closer to the start of the school semester, so be prepared to have multiple courses mapped to all modules in your arsenal.

Mapping of courses – 2

You may not receive your module if you do not meet the prerequisites or if your bid on the module is unsuccessful. However, you need not be concerned because you will be able to carry out a manual add/drop of modules by acquiring the signatures from your desired module’s professors.

Mapping of courses – 3

If you are wondering what modules I have mapped, these are the few I am allowed to map:

1. 515116 Logic Design to 100069 Digital Systems Lab
2. 535300 Digital Signal Processing (Masters) to 100072 Digital Signal Processing
3. 544500 Introduction to Cultural Theories (PhD) to HASS
4. 639005 Machine Learning (Masters) to 100052 Machine Learning


Cost of Living

In comparison to Singapore, the cost of living in Taiwan, such as food and dormitory, is not too expensive. However, I spent the majority of my budget on food and travelling between different states in Taiwan. We should try to experience everything the country have to offer right?

Experience aside, take heed while considering purchasing from any service provider for your mobile plan as service provider such as Taiwan Mobile (台灣大哥大) provides unlimited data at a very reasonable price for foreign students.

Weather in Hsinchu

If you are attending GEXP at NYCU during the fall semester, remember to bring a windbreaker and plenty of comfortable clothing. During my stay in Hsinchu, the temperature fluctuated from 24°C in August to 12°C in December. Though 19°C may feel hot in Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Tainan, the persistent wind in Hsinchu will definitely keep you chilled.

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