It is the final day of our trip as we rehearsed and prepared for the final presentation. My group presented our final version of phonebrella.Daniel starting the presentation with an interesting hook about chasing girls or something


We then watched as the other groups came forward and presented their own projects. Here is Athena telling us about her project “that coaster”, that utlizes a drain compartment to collect the condensation from cups, making their coaster more effective.

"That coaster"


Here is Jarell’s group presenting their sleeve protector, an installment on the sink that help people rolling up their sleeves when using the sink to present their sleeves from getting wet.

There is also an idea for a shopping bag holder, an alternative dish holder on dining table, an undertable stationary holder etc. It is interesting to see the innovative ideas that our peers came up with becoming physical prototypes in just a few days. “That coaster” won at the end, a crowd’s favourite. Then again everyone’s a winner, with that our group gracefully accepted the outcome.

At the end of the day, we said tearful goodbyes to our Indonesian friends and leave for the airport. I am glad to have signed up for this FACT trip andhave this wonderful opportunity to broaden my horizon and learn from different cultures!!


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