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I often get the impression that people who live in a technologically advanced country will be fixated with technology. However, to my surprise, Taiwan is a relatively “offline” country in that people are far more sociable than obsessed with their phones and earphones. There are a wide range of public events in Taiwan, and here are a few highlights.


Taiwan, in my opinion, is a country of expression, where all sorts of arts resides. A wide range of fascinating art are housed in cafes, on the street, in exhibitions, and in the museum waiting for you to discover. Here are some photographs I have taken from my trip.

Kaohsiung Art District:

In a cafe in one of the old street:

Glass Museum:

Art aside, this is something I find interesting. Could you figure out what this machine is?

However, if you value traditional architecture, Taiwan has preserved and restored many of its historical sites. For instance, the Chikan Tower, and the famous Jiufen district.

Lastly, lets not omit those that are interested in idols!! As I said, Taiwan, in my opinion is a country of expression. Idol events are held almost weekly (From what I am told).

Of course, if idol events exist, so do anime. Hehe.


Taiwan has numerous mountains, and you are allowed to hike or climb in any of them. Before you proceed with your adventure, make sure you have the appropriate equipment because it can get dangerous. Aside from your gear, be sure to make friends with other hikers on your hike too, and your hiking experience will be greatly enhanced!!

If hiking isn’t your thing, you could always go for a bike ride. There are many cycling paths to explore as well, and the best part is that you don’t have to buy a bicycle at all; YouBike, which is similar to oBike, allows you to rent a bicycle for a very low price. However, you will have to apply for YouBike at any YouBike parking space before you could use the bicycle.

Carnival and Festival

Throughout Taiwan, events are hosted all year with a variety of exciting games, food, and performances for you to enjoy. The best of all is that NYCU organises its own events, so you will still get to participate in one if you find transportation out of school a hassle.


Apart from the previous events, I find the following game the most interesting because it makes use of recycled glass! It is a fishing game in which children have to fish a spherical glass bottle within a specified amount of time. It is rather rare to have events in Singapore that is both enjoyable and environmentally friendly.

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