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So maybe some of you have heard from the news about the earthquake in Pohang and some of you have not. But for those who have not, here is a link to a video of what happened in Pohang. (http://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-asia-42018424/moment-quake-hit-south-korea)

Essentially the whole experience was pretty damn terrifying especially when Korea never really had any seismic activity for a very very long time and last year was the first in a few years. Also, our dorm buildings were built before 1988, which means… it wasn’t really earthquake prone. hmm. So it was pretty unexpected and i actually thought i was going to die for a moment, till i ran out in the freezing wind barefooted and without my jacket. I guess, it was a good reflection time for me as i struggled to get out of my hostel room while things were falling on my head. Yup, remind me to never pack my shelves with so much stuff again. Cleaning up was terrible. And… my laundry were just put into the dryer. My precious 500 won was lost and my clothes were still wet since all the electricity was cut off. Either way, tremors has been continuing on for the past few days and there is a always this fear of “when is the big one going to come?” Especially after reading so many news and analysis of the earthquake and it says it is expecting a magnitude of 7 and above in the coming few days.

Hey but i guess on a brighter side, things has become exciting here. Anyone up for an adrenaline rush? Still terrified and jumping at every single sound and movement but i got to learn to chill. Here’s a photo after our first ever earthquake experience featuring a cracked wall.

Either way, this post is not meant to scare anyone. But its a learning point for everyone. We cannot expected what life brings us. So we just gotta adapt and be brave to face it. Feeling bummed that all my voluntary work was cancelled because of the earthquake and continuous aftershocks… But that means i just got to adapt and try my best to find other options.


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