Check In

There are bunch of stuff caught us by surprise.

  1. Need a copy of the passport photo to check in.
  2. A copy of the NTU admission letter.
  3. Bunch of forms to fill up.
  4. Mattress is not provided. The price range from 1400NTD to 3000NTD for thin mattress.
  5. Electricity is charged separately.

Gong Guan Night Market 公館夜市


We stay in Prince Housing, located very near Gong Guan. On 2 Sep, it is only natural to settle our dinner in the neighbourhood.

If you’ve had those taiwanese popcorn chicken before in Singapore, they are on a whole new level in Taiwan. You can have popcorn chicken and pigs blood, cuttlefish, gizzards, fish paste thing called 甜不辣(tian bu la) etc etc.

Mango-Pineapple Shaved Ice (With pineapple chunks)
Peanut shaved ice with kidney beans
braised pork rice yum yum yum

Ning Xia Night Market 寧夏夜市

The previous Zhejiang University Exchange student, Emma Chen, who is a Taiwanese, recommended 賴蚵仔煎 at Ning Xia night market to Leonard. So on 3 Sep, after a long day of campus tour and shopping, we went to Ning Xia for more locate delights. It is must-go if you come to Taiwan!!

Oyster Omelette
Shaved peanut brittle ice cream with coriander wrapper in a crepe






Pig’s kidneys


Campus Tour Photos

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