It’s crunch time, everybody is hitting the books during the 3-4 week exam period. Even way before that, study culture here is a quite a norm. As most courses tend to be very advanced or rigorous, the library can be quite packed on a weekly basis in Hanyang University where students are studying profusely to clear their workload. 

Preparation is thus essential and there are ways to alleviate the stress and pain while studying in exchange. Here are some tips to make life better.

  1. Plan your modules carefully

Although it is very enriching to take many modules, it is advisable to take your 4 core modules and 1 extra module relevant to your major. Do not take 2 extra modules as exams may be set in a very tight timeline. Even if you want to take 2 modules, it’s fine if you take Introductory Korean Language as their final exam is weeks before the final exam period.

2. Study breaks

If you have three classes in a day and you want to take a break, there is a lounge in Engineering Building I / Block 212 where people can literally sleep on mats. It really helps to rejuvenate you if you have classes from morning until night.

3. Coffee

Coffee culture is very popular in Korea (likewise for soju). You can buy coffee at Engineering Building I / Blk 212, Amphitheater Blk 209 and many places in school. There are many coffee places with food options at Hanyang Food Street as well. That being said, just don’t overdose on coffee as coffee can be as cheap as 3000 WON which is around SGD $3.60.

If you need any more tips, feel free to ask. 🙂


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