Since Finals ended early enough. After finishing my last economics paper on Wednesday morning, I headed straight to the incheon airport for a trip to Osaka, Japan.

This is my first time in Japan and I was there from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday morning. I had 3 full days in Japan and my plan was to visit and spend a day each in Osaka, Kyoto & Nara. I booked my accommodation in Osaka rather than staying in the different areas as the different check-ins and check out would be a lot more inconvenient.

The Osaka amazing pass is indeed amazing. It allowed free access to many different places (I think it is over 40 different facilities) and it also included free transport in osaka. In a single day, I managed to visit the osaka castle, illusion museum, umeda sky tower, hep 5 ferris wheel & Tsutenkaku tower. The osaka castle covers the history and origin of the osaka castle.Beside the osaka castle was the illusion museum which contained many different trick/perception.
The umeda sky tower looked amazing. The observatory is above the ground, supported by the 2 buildings from the side. Another interesting thing which I noticed is that the observatory has similar souvenir to what N Seoul tower/busan tower has (Coin with an image of the tower)

On the next day, I travelled to kyoto from osaka and went to places like nishiki market, gion street, Nijō Castle and Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.

On my third full day in Japan, I headed over to Nara for the Nara deer park. There was several attractions like the nara national museum, temples & more in the deer park itself. The deers were everywhere and they were really adorable. Around the park, there was many small booths selling deer biscuits at 200 yen too. It is the only food that we are allowed to feed the deers.

Picture at the Illusion Museum 1
Picture at the Illusion Museum 2
Umeda Sky Tower
View from Umeda Sky Tower
The long escalator at Umeda Sky Tower
Ignored by the deers at Nara 🙁
When you have food for them~


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