I’m not generally an active person. Most of my time is spent coding and I don’t really exercise much. I understand the risks of a sedentary life style. Compounded with sleep deprivation, there’s a non-negligible possibility that I might die unexpectedly due to some health problems that might have developed.

As a first step, I’ll be climbing up a mountain. This mountain is called Xiang Shan (literally elephant mountain). This is a pretty mild mountain so it’s all gucci. At the top there’s going to be this sick view of Taipei 101, so there’s some incentive for me to actually climb this. I’ll have to admit while this is pretty mild, I had to stop and rest around 3 times during the 20 minute hike. I am definitely unfit. All is well. I guess Xiang shan is now a tourist destination because of the sick views. Here’s some of the photos I managed to snap.

Look at everyone trying to get touristy shots (including me)
Woahhh look at that…

Later on, I decided to try some Hakka food this is pretty delicious.

晉江茶堂 Jin Jiang Tea House

This place is near Guting station and serves really nice Hakka food. I ordered some chye poh egg, some weird intestine thing, some weird fried thing, and boar meat. This is not the kind of food you will find everyday, it was certainly an experience.

Chye Poh egg
This looks like squid but is actually some kind of intestine.
I don’t quite exactly know what this is, but it is delicious
Boar meat


This concludes the highlights of week 5. I spent most of time coding and studying. So there isn’t much to see. Next week, I’ll be flying off to Pheonix, AZ, to meet up with Pitbull and Steve Wozniak as a continuation from my win at Smackathon.

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