After the first month of our exchange ended, and we had a chance to do our accounts for the month, we realised how much money we were spending on food! On average, a meal around campus will cost between 5000 won to 10000 won. If you eat out for every meal, its going to add up quick! So we decided to finally make us of all the sauce sachets and bak kut teh packs that we brought from Singapore.

Morning glory AKA Kangkong, used to make Sambal Kangkong

There is a large supermarket called E-mart in Wangsimni station, a subway station right next to Hanyang and our apartment. It is much larger than an average Singaporean supermarket, with its own pet store, bakery, and pizzeria inside.

Chicken on 40% discount

*Tip* There are sections around the e-mart where they place all the items on sale. Usually these items have been sitting at the supermarket for a few days, but they are no where near their expiration dates. They go at about -20% to -50%, depending on how much they want to get rid of the stock. Look out for these items for a good deal! (Make sure to use it quickly to be safe.)





Pot of Bak Kut Teh

Cooking at home reduced our average spending for a meal to roughly 3000 won to 5000 won! That amounted to roughly 30% decrease in food expenditure (We can’t possible eat at home for every meal.) Also, bring over some sauce sachets such as sambal or Bak Kut Teh so in the event that you start missing home food, you can always just fry it up!






Linguini Alle Vongole (Pasta with calms)

Seafood is also pretty cheap compared to Singapore as they have many farms along the coast. You can get 1kg of clams for 10 dollars!

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