My cousin visited me in Korea as they went on a tour for. Having spent more than a month overseas, it was comforting to see familiar faces.

As Yonsei was is located near Sinchon, which is also a popular tourist location with its vibrant night life, I was able to catch up with my relatives over dinner.

We had dakgalbi which is a form of spicy stir fried chicken. There was a famous shop in Sinchon right by the metreo station, making it really accessible. Moreover, the employees in the shop were able to converse in simple chinese which made it much easier for us to order our food.


Of course, no trip to korea would be complete without having a KBBQ meal. We were able to enjoy one in Hongdae area. Hongdae is also really happening during the weekends and at night. There were various buskers singing and dancing to Kpop tunes. It is really obvious are there are large crowds forming around the different performances. I was told that some of these performers are actually famous and have appear on TV programns as well.

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