We started to draw up concept designs for our boat. I will not reveal just yet what it is — for dramatic effect at the end of the programme, after testing our boats. This also gives me a soft landing if the boat fails (which is near impossible, given the superb team I’m working with, yet, at the same time, I can be unusually paranoid).

The thing that is different with Americans is the way they provide feedback. I’m not able to put my finger down on what exactly it is, but I feel better than in other reviews when our design was scrutinised by our TAs and professors on Friday.

Another free weekend. This time I decided to hang around in Boston.

The view from Prudential Tower, home to the highest observation deck in Boston. Prudential Tower is the 28th tallest building in the United States, and the 2nd tallest in Boston.

Is that my reflection? I’m sorry. Anyways, our fraternity is located just left of the bridge on the opposite side of the river. It was perhaps the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in the US.

I also bought a month-pass for Hubway, the bike-share system in Boston. You grab a bike by unlocking it from the station with a key given to you, ride to another station, and park it. Simple, convenient, and fast. It is also, I reckon, the cheapest, short of having to walk to your destination.

I took the red line from one end to the other just to experience how mass transit was like in Boston. Sadly I didn’t manage to get on their commuter rail; I believe some kind of pass (which would be too pricey for me) is needed to get on.

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