The was almost a week passed and most of the teams do not have a working robot prototype on hand. This got me quite worries and a little paranoid. Constructing a robot not only involved the building physical components but test and making adjustment to the software as well.

The topic this year is Silk Road where robots have to cross steps that simulated the great mountains to exchange for goods. The introduction of simple 4cm and 7cm tall steps have make the robot design significantly more difficult. Being an workaholic who simply want to make the best use of every opportunity, the 9-6 workshop opening houses is never enough.

When the sun goes down and rises the moon, our mission in HangZhou changes as well. Removing the competitor hat from the day and put on the identity of international students, night time is the best networking period. Despite not a week passed but our bound with each other was strong. Constant encouragements and cultural exchanges hand tighten our bond to another level.

I am sure, the bond forged in the IDC 2017 will burn a lifetime in our heart.

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