This is the last day. Though it’s been sad to let this beautiful trip to end, I miss my family.

Things I noted:

When you sneeze, they say god bless you!

They say hello when you encounter them.

Pizza + Taco + Mexican Meal seems to be their main source of food.

Their Subway’s a lot smaller than Singapore. In fact, based on the receipts I’ve been collecting: All of their food are on average USD 5 – 14 dollars. Seeing that the conversion rate is USD 1 – 1.38… Well, I guess you can work that out for yourself.

Because California passed a certain law, plastic bags have become a rarity. Well, unless you go to a Chinese restaurant. Or Korean. Or Japanese…Well, I shall stop myself there and then.

Shopping in San Francisco? Go to their premium outlets. Apparently branded goods are cheaper if they are made here (or rather, their brands originated here. Hollister, Kate Spade perhaps?)

Stationary? Also expensive. Clothing? Well, Cal Gear seems to be the predominant souvenir here.  Buy some for your friends!

Here are some highlights of the trip:

Los Angeles: USD 500 per person (if you stay in an Airbnb for three days and go to both Universal Studios and Disneyland!)

Last meal, jkjk
Bearded Dragon, I think?
Lawrence Hall of Science

I believe that this is a salamander. Taken at Cal Academy of Arts and Sciences

Japanese pagoda

Crossing a bridge at Marine Headlands

Airbnb. It’s cheaper than the hotel.
We have one in Singapore. (But can it be lt up as brilliantly as this?)
Ginger and Shortbread. (Too sugary to taste. Very much like honey. )
What do you see diagonally?
Why did we go to Harry Potter World on a Saturday?
Universal Studio. It also has a movie theatre within the park.

There is pizza. And there is designer pizza.
Off to fly to LA!
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