Looking back at the past 13 weeks, ALP was really a memorable experience. Being in Ecological Tea Garden, this journey has definitely taught me a lot about landscaping. Prior to this journey, the only software I was comfortable with was Photoshop. However, this program taught me important softwares that I can use for my future such as AutoCAD, Lumion and Sketch Up. Technical skills aside, I have learnt how your surroundings make a huge impact on your emotions. The placement of every vegetation is important in a park. Even the placement and sizes of rocks matter in a park. This has taught me to look at parks differently and allowed me to analyse the overall landscape.

ALP has also taught me more about China and its culture. 3 months here has taught me a lot – from learning about the locals in Hangzhou to the local delicacies to even the type of traffic in Hangzhou. Things like this are hard to understand through reading articles. Instead, it can only be learnt through experience. These experiences, whether good or bad, will all be treasured as ALP is a once in a life time experience that I will definitely never forget.

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