Pretty short week with most of the time spent researching about all power generators in the market used for Electrosurgery.

Got my one day leave approved for a short 3 day trip to Shenzhen for….. Maker Faire! The biggest and officially endorsed 2015 edition.

While waiting at the boarding area… We noticed that it’s all about manual labour to move the push carts around.

Have you ever taken a bus and board the plane..president style? That bus is 1.5x the width compared to a public one.

Trying to take a photo facing the sun is…meh…

Pleasant surprise. Never knew that our short, 2 hour, domestic plane ride comes with breakfast!

Here’s an interesting cartoon-based safety video if you understand chinese:

New way of push-carting your child.

Spotted this at the Shenzhen Bao-an airport. This definitely looked nearly identical to the original retail store of Gong Cha.

After a quick trip to our Airbnb apartment and lunch following, we headed down to Keyuan stationto check out Maker faire!

Shenzhen Maker Faire is hosted at a software “park” officially supported by the Government.

HUGEEEE Makebot spotted!

We first headed to the new SeeedStudio Office for a short tour by Jim from the Productization Division. For those who are unfamiliar, SeeedStudio is a company selling sensors breakout and all sorts of fancy electronics related kits for easy development.

This symbol looks familiar….

Group photo at SeeedStudio

Back to check out the Faire. Some arcade-style gripper game made of Lego.

Nice little piano made of bent and laser-cut Acrylic pieces.

Rubik-cube solver spotted.

Racing vehicle by Hunan University. Looks like an electric-powered race car.

Wireless charging spotted…

Charging an iPhone wirelessly with a inductor pad addition behind.

This is an interesting educational kit made by a group of educators to expose the young ones to electronics through building blocks and graphical programming. As they grow up, they start to understand the inner workings of each block and eventually be well-versed about electronics instead of simply piecing electronics modules together.

That’s a long-term vision isn’t it? Considering the age the they are getting exposed to such knowledge.

Also went to checkout the HAX booth at the faire where they exhibited some of the products from their previous graduating classes. They are one of the best hardware accelerators around so check them out if you are a hardware startup/company!



Some tank related project what allows you to monitor what’s inside the tank with a video camera.


Interesting project spotted that monitors localized air quality based on sensors embedded in the device. Love the wood casing. much EPD!

Spotted this modified kickscooter. HEY! That’s a similar version we bought a month ago as an in-campus transport, but manual powered. Sounds like it’s time to hack ours?

Robot built using recycled parts. Neat!

Makeshift Maconalds’ booth. WOW.

Badass’ drone spotted.

Here’s a freescale educational truck that “transformalized”

So Mini is an official Maker faire sponsor and you see tons of mini cooper around. Mini on water

Tesla was there as well to promote their full electric car. It’s sad that they pulled out from Singapore.

Interesting 3D printed product!

Kennethlimcp signing off ~

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MED - Meticulous. Expressive. Driven. Driven to Care for others, existing electro-surgery equipment are modified such that they improve surgeon’s usage comfort (during long operation) yet look aesthetically pleasing and professional. Together with members’ creativity, this can be achieved through feedbacks received from medical personnel and Surgeons themselves so that we can understand and tackle the challenges involved in using these surgical tools. Our group hopes to also reduce the risk of operations when using these tools so that in future, patients can undergo them with a piece of mind.


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