With my SUSEP (Singapore Universities Students Exchange Programme) coming to an end, it’s a good time to reflect on the whole journey. Initially, of course it was a bit of a disappointment to be doing a local exchange when the plan used to be going overseas for exchange. Due to Covid, unfortunately, most of our initial plans for foreign exchange didn’t go according to plan but I still wanted the experience of studying at a different university and culture. Hence, I applied for the SUSEP programme at NUS! And, it was definitely a good decision!

When choosing modules, NUS offers a huge, huge range of modules which are exciting to explore and decide from. However, I also had to ensure that the modules mapped back to my SUTD pillar modules. It was interesting to look through the different modules and choose the most suitable one (you can also find a bunch of helpful reviews for the modules online!). I took this opportunity to try out modules that SUTD does not have 🙂

During this period of Covid recovery, my modules were mostly online with the exception of French (face-to-face) and lab sessions. The online classes were preferable because it cuts travelling time, but after some time, it does get lonely and slightly desolate. One other thing I liked was that the max duration of each class was 1.5 hours, which made each class manageable and the profs did not try to cram info into each class, allowing us students time to absorb the new content. Each week, during the tutorial, the profs/teaching assistants also took 1 hour to go through the homework, which I felt was a fantastic way to solidify the application for the week’s content.

I also loved my physical French classes as they were extremely engaging and fun! The class size was very small so the lessons were cozy and interactive.

NUS also has awesome food options, even for vegetarians, so I enjoyed having lunch with my new friends there 🙂 Sadly, this was not too frequent since most students had classes online.

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