Annnnnddddd it’s the end of our Stanford International Honours Program!

What a tiring yet fulfilling week it has been.

As we counted down to the end of our Stanford academic life, the week was marked with intensive revisions for final exams, absolute focus to churn out end-of-course essays, and fine-tuning of projects.

Indeed, course materials of Stanford certainly exhibit a reasonable amount of challenge. However, surrounded by highly motivated individuals who are willing to press on and support one another, it is with great relief to say that we all pulled through together. 🙂

Say hello to Family!

Post finals, one of group members parents came down to join us, where we dined at Peking Duck restaurant (That’s the full name) for a hearty meal to celebrate. Their signature Peking Duck was especially delicious! For those who are visiting Stanford or coming here next year, you know where to visit when you crave for REAL Chinese food 😉

On the last night, we went on a late night walk around the Stanford to admire the architectural beauty of the campus. It is simply amazing to know that the very ground we stood on is and always has been a place that educates and develops people who go on to shape the world. This very thought humbled us and makes us all the more appreciative that we were granted this opportunity to attend IHP.

As we reminisce our past 8 weeks here, reflect about the skills and knowledge acquired, things that could have been done better and the unique overseas perspectives developed, the memories are an unusual mix of joy and poignancy. Well, part of the journey is the end, and we are grateful for this experience, eager to return better to share all that we have learnt. 🙂

Looking at the Hover tower which has served as our beacon of guidance over the past 8 weeks, it is indeed a sight to behold. May it continue to stand tall, strong, and to inspire many generations to come.
Signing off,
Group 1! 🙂
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