Aye, we’ve arrived at Stanford.

The land is beautiful. After being in a heavily urbanized city for so long, the open rolling hills come as a bit of a shock, while hinting at how isolated the campus seems to be from any major form of civilization. The school itself is huge, and it would easily take me a couple of days to fully explore the entire campus. We had pizza at Tresidder Union while checking the place out. That may potentially have been the best pizza I’ve eaten so far, so food seems to be good in general. I’ve got to say it again though, this place is unbelievably big. They even have an entire multi-level bookstore dedicated to selling school brand products.

The first day was spent mostly settling in. We Uber-ed to the nearest Walmart for supplies, most important of these being bedsheets and pillows for our comfort. Next to follow was toiletries and laundry detergent. A few of us purchased bicycles for easier transportation within the campus. Chatting with our Uber driver yielded more information about the area. Most of the hotspots for hanging out seems to be at the University itself, although that doesn’t count for very much. If we wanted to catch a movie or something we’d have to travel to one of the neighboring cities instead.

Signing out for now, we’re about to get started on our second day. Will try to get more pictures in soon.

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