To build this awesome Rubik cube solving machine, we had to start learning the components that make up this model. From the week of discussions we came to realise that there was more to just the framework and wiring that would put this machine together. We finally split up into 4 major components, with 1 or 2 people focusing their attention on each one.

  1. Coding solution- for solving the Rubik’s Cube
  2. Camera coding and recognition of colour – to detect and receive information to send to the coding solution
  3. Motor coding and hardware – to be able to take information from the coding solution and put it into mechanical work
  4. Mechanical Framework – the overall frame and the placement of the robot arms

There was a lot to learn from this project as we had to learn from scratch some materials like product awareness, Arduino and C+ coding language.

We were working till quite late at night so we ordered some dinner for us
A lot of Arduino to do for this project
Arduino to a stepper motor
A driver connected to a Arduino Uno board
JJ testing out the colour reading software using Pixymon and the Rubik’s Cube


Visited SIASUN company

Took a trip down to Shanghai to visit ABB company

Super organised spacial storage system

We also visted some companies in Shanghai and in Hangzou. These companies were robotic companies that built machines to build other machines!


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Our team is really excited to work on a Rubik cube solver! A small team of 6, working on a major project from scratch, seems like it'll be a big challenge for us. But we like challenges. It's such an honor to build a machine that can solve such a complicated puzzle. With a wide variety of skills and all 4 pillars in this team, there is much to learn from each other in the months to come!


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