My sister and I having a picture together as she spends her week here in Tokyo for business
私のブログへようこそ! (welcome to my blog)

It has been close to a month since I have been here. I have only one request and that is to stay in Japan. I love the food, the lifestyle, the culture, the activities, the people. I have travelled far and wide, and my health app even stated that my 29 days here have given me an average of 11.5km/day. I love walking in this country, as compared to Singapore, which is hot and uncomfortable to be walking.I guess this beautiful dream will end once I am back in Singapore. HAHA.
This has been a fine week, as my sister has come back to Tokyo for a business trip, and I have spent most of my nights exploring Tokyo with her.

I made a friend with a lawyer at a Yakitori joint at Shibuya, who turns out likes to make soba as a hobby. Once a month, he would prepare soba for his friends and colleagues, and he invited us to eat his special soba. (Honestly speaking, it has changed my mind on soba, as I am a Udon/Ramen person). Yakitori at that joint is the best I’ve had in many places. It would be a place I would recommend, cheap, good and wonderful.

If you ask what have we been up to in school this week, I would say we been up to many activities. Indira and I have just completed our first presentation individually on Information Systems for a seminar presentation. It was long and tedious nights leading up to the presentation, but it is great that it has all ended (for now – as there is another presentation 2 weeks from now ).

We have also done our interview sessions with several Japanese students from around the school for the design project, as we are currently scoping our design project. (more to come in the coming weeks)

To end this off, and as the famous saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Have a great week ahead, and till we meet again!

Andrew Sng
| Engineering Product Development | Electrical | Junior |

Soba noodles made specially by a lawyer friend I made in Shibuya at a Yakitori joint
Yakitori at Shibuya, the best I’ve had.
Meat platter at a grill restaurant
The reviews on this Grilled pork bowl at Pork University in Shimbashi is great, 4.5/5 stars.
I agree with them wholly
Not everything about Tokyo is about the food. There is this engineering brilliance too.
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