Hey guys! This is Eiros here and this will be my first blog post for the ALP period! As you all would know, this ALP journey is an exchange between SUTD and Zhejiang University, happening over the summer period. Now, over 90 students will be making a journey from Singapore to China!

Goodbye Lion City!
Peeking at the back – fellow friends who are joining me on this trip
Inflight meal, salty but still delish
Landing at the airport!

Arriving at Hangzhou, the group of us were greeted by cold winds and rain, hardly the weather you’d expect in summer. After picking up our luggage, we went on a coach which drove us to our hostel which we will be living in. With the cohort being split, some of us went to Zhijingang (紫金港) campus, while another group of us went to Yuquan (玉泉) campus (I went with the latter).

Moving into our new home~
A meal from the canteen… Delicious!
Taking a walk around the campus…

That’s it for the photos today! Hope to share more stuff in posts to come~

– Eiros

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