Scenic view of Xihu from Baoshi Mountain

[WEEK 01] 20170507-20170513

Saturday, 13 May 2017


The first week came by and went by fast. We had a lot of admin stuff done like setting up bank accounts, phone line issues and etc. But we also ate A LOT of good food HAHA B) and we also had a lot of fun whee~ Food wise, my fav restaurant is XinBaiLu, 新白鹿(or xbl for short and xlb is xiaolongbao haha dont confuse) amongst those that the student mentors had recommended (WaiPoJia, 外婆家and LvCha, 绿茶 which all three have branches in 西城 银泰城 ). Restaurant food here are so worthy since you can get high quality Chinese food for the price range of only SGD6 – SGD10. WHERE TO FIND IN SINGAPORE B) Most importantly, you also have to KNOW WHAT TO ORDER* :$ I went to this well decorated restaurant called Childhood Villa, 童年小筑 (at a walk-able distance from ZJG) with my group of friends and I were very satisfied with our meal. We were back there again during Buddy Day because our buddy wanted to bring us there and the dishes that they ordered were unique but not as palatable to our taste. Since we were still hungry, the few of us just met up with Stella and Tenzin at WuLin Night Market, 武林夜市 after that to eat some more xD

Talking about Buddy Day, we went to XiHu’s Baoshi Mountain, 西湖宝石山, which is a very scenic place : )

Scenic view of Xihu on ground level
We reached Xihu at around 1pm+ with our 2 ZJU Buddies.


A map of the Baoshi Mountain and some disclaimer. Haha I can only recognise Baoshu Tower, 宝俶塔 and Chuyangtai (A terrace), 初阳台 which we went.
Sun shining brightly through foliage. Good weather for trekking.
宝俶塔,Baoshu Tower – Our first stop
Jing Ren, Loo Bin, Melwin and Linus smiling happily as we go through this rocky path.
After we went through those huge rocks, there were more behind and people were climbing them. Real rock climbing. (Chinese characters on rock read: 宝石流霞,Bao Shi Liu Xia)
An incredible old man climbing, part 1. Super old man who is still super strong. I was greatly amazed and inspired.
An incredible old man climbing, part 2.
An incredible old man climbing, part 3.
That incredible old man and the beautiful view up there inspired all of us to climb. This is a shot of a few of us when we were trying to get down from one of the rocks.
And yes, all of us went up : ) and the scenic view was the panorama photo you’ve seen at the top of this post ; ) (PS: To those who have the original photo, spot the amazing difference : D)
Hot weather calls for chilling stone. Beng Haun and little girl (and Melwin from afar) totally judging Mao and Gee Yang. (Chinese characters on rock read: 宝石流霞,Bao Shi Liu Xia)
A group photo of us in a terrace on the very peak – Chuyangtai, 初阳台
Michelle, Kar Wei and I : )
Tired and resting after the climb x.x

Thereafter we were fortunate enough to be able to cab to dinner place or free. As mentioned we ate at Childhood Villa, 童年小筑 and headed to WuLin Night Market, 武林夜市 right after.

A wefie at WuLin Night Market, 武林夜市

That was my 8th day in Hangzhou.

Photo credits: Gee Yang, Kar Wei, Michelle and I  : )

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