The tent for the students and staff to rest. It was a sunny day.

[Week 02] 20170514 – 20170520

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


It was the 5th Annual Sports Day of Hushu special school and the 10 of us who are part of the TFI LEaRN programme (Temasek Foundation Int’l Leadership Enrichment and Regional Networking) went over and helped out with the facilitation of the school event. Hushu special school is a special school catered to students who are mentally challenged (you may find out more about the school here:

Hushu Special School and their values: Happiness 快乐, Glorious 美好 and Blessedness 幸福

We actually visited the school the day before to help out with the setting up of the event while 5 of us brought a group of upper grade students to Yunhe Square 运河广场 to spread awareness on the 3Rs.

Keith, Justin and Daniel helping out with the tables.

On the actual day, we arrived early in the morning at 08:30 am. We were all still pretty sleepy but the children were already very energetic and very ready for the competitions! Like all other schools, we went through the morning assembly, listening to the China National Anthem while at attention. The nostalgic feel of JC, secondary & primary school all came back and I realised I really missed those great times (including singing the National Anthem, I’m serious xP)

Four student representatives holding to the corners of the Sports Day flag during the opening ceremony.
A student representative giving the opening speech.
Keith guiding the young student in his game.
Gio guiding another student in a similar game.
Spencer demonstrating to the students.
Justin the ‘mother hen’ leading his ‘brood of chicks’ from one station to another.
Mel & Marvin at the finish line of a race.
Daniel and Joel, the prize presenters, with Xiaojun the champion, and 2 other the winners of an event.
Students in a rally, passing on the baton. The third student, who wasn’t holding the baton, was the guy that loves to tell everyone “你该减肥了。” (Translation: It’s time for you should slim down.)

Yes, he really goes around telling everyone that. The first time he saw me he went, “姐姐 (Sister) 你该减肥了 (You should slim down)。” I was D: I know I ate a lot in China but that was :O and someone was at the side laughing but he became Xiaojun’s victim as well HAHA. It’s so hilarious seeing him going around,“哥哥 (Brother) 你该减肥了。 老师 (Teacher)你该减肥了。阿姨 (Aunty)你该减肥了。”  xD

I was initially helping out at the starting line with Gio but after lunch I took over Jing Ren’s role and snap photographs of the students. It was sooo fun~ and I enjoyed editing the them after that haha

A student smiling and cheering on his friends 😀
Two students competing in a race.
The shotput event.
Students walking from one station to another in an orderly fashion.
The basketball event. It’s going in!

I got tired after walking under the sun for a long while and decided to join and mingle with the students and staff in the tent. Gio and Daniel came along for the shelter as well HAHA.

A pair of buddy who is happy with each other :))

In the tent, we spoke to the students and some of the staff. They were very curious of Singapore and our education system since they were impressed by our fluent Mandarin xD and the three of us told them our schooling stories and also gave them tips on how to be bilingual.

Curious boy. I forgot his name ><
He was so curious of the camera
that he came all the way to me and looked into the lens xD

So I taught him how to use the camera and tried my best to satisfy his thirst of knowledge for the camera. He was marveled at everything I told him and that was interesting. This is the reason why I love to interact with young children. They are so curious and imaginative.

and yeaa practice time! He took a shot of me and wow it’s amazingg. Haha he knows his rule of a third without me teaching xD Original photo. No edits. I’m proud of him haha B)
While we were all having fun at the different competition segment with the students, the teachers and staff were intently busy with the results.
The teacher-in-charge announcing.

The entire sports day lasted until 3pm in the afternoon and all of us were tired after the whole day. We ended the event with a volunteer group photo.

Our volunteer group photo with 2 research students from Zhejiang University of Technology Pharmacy Department.

Photo credits: Jing Ren and I

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