Upon our arrival in Hangzhou, we went to settle down in our hostels. After our first meal, we became well aware of the wide variety and cheap  food available here in Hangzhou and know that we will definitely be eating a lot of food in the upcoming 3 months of our stay.

There is an abundance of lush greenery all over Yuquan campus and Zhejingang (ZJG) campus. The campuses here are much larger than our SUTD East Coast Campus. A lot of time was spent walking around and admiring the natural beauty of the campuses.

We FOUND this fountain at Yuquan campus!
Area outside ZJU hostel

We had our first gathering session where all of the ALP exchange students met with the professors from all of the themes. Each of the professors gave a short presentation of their themes in order to give us a better idea on what we will be working on in our stay here in Hangzhou,

Venue of our first meetup session

The first week was an eye-opener to us, as there were many notable differences such as culture, living standards, technology and many more. We are definitely looking forward to the rest of the weeks of our stay here!

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Team members: Brandon Ricks Junjie Kon / Cheah Yee Kei / Ho Jin Teck, Daryl / Huang Jiahui / Lim Wei Xuan / Mandia Joaquin Inigo Manas / Ooi Kai Lue / Pinardy Yang Ping Zun / Raphael D Seng Zhiming / Ruth Wong Nam Ying / Yap Wei Jin / Yeo Xin He Burindy As we all know, “music can reach people deep inside and evoke different kinds of emotions”, so music plays a good role in promoting the brain function. It directly causes people to have positive or negative emotions, thereby affecting people’s lives and work. Therefore, we can design some products or applications about music to influence people’s or even plants’ emotions. Consequently, let the world all live a better life.


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