Week 10 on the other hand was rather crazy for me and I believe it will continue to fall deeper into the crazy pit because of the looming deadline at the end of July. My theme’s project has kicked into the next gear and all of us feel the pressure to continue working even harder and faster than before because the next stage of the App making competition we are participating has the submission deadline in the late July, but our project is far from completion, much less perfect. This increases the pressure on all of us and the truth about life and working is that you keep running into brick walls and you have to find whatever resource around you to make it past that obstacle, keeping it together and all that jazz. As the pressure builds and the deadline gets closer, I only hope that we all can deliver our parts to our best of our abilities to create the best possible version of the app we can bring to the table. Back to work and hopefully we can get our app together ASAP.

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