This week is the most boring week ever because all I did was netflix and work on my project. Looking through the week in my photos I have discovered absolutely nothing so this is just a void in my life I can’t even remember what happened HAHA

So for this week it’s back to writing 2 words about Hangzhou.


Ok la this isn’t really like a Hangzhou thing but this is what I came to realise in China. So I don’t know if this is a thing in China but a lot of the lessons here are self directed. In a sense, the professor will teach the students but will also give links to websites and programmes that the students can access to learn even more. So for example when we went for a course (taught in Chinese help) about security in programming, the professor told them about what’s important like don’t do this don’t do that and then gave them some links where they can read even more and then he moved on to the next slide. This actually made me super confused because I felt like I don’t know how to apply what I just learnt, which is so different from how we learn stuff in SUTD. Sounds like an advertisement but I really appreciate cohort based learning because at least I know how to apply linear algebra to optimise something or use like peltier chips and all. You know, it just feels different somehow. And yet this self-learning is also quite interesting when I get to go at my own pace. Because I had no experience in coding in JavaScript, I went to several websites recommended by the seniors and I felt that learning at my own pace was very comfortable also. So my point is that actually learning should be self directed to make it efficient but what we do at SUTD further reinforces my learning and what I should do is to do all my homework HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ok la I will try my best next time ok new term new me.

Public Transport

So I managed to get my arse off the privilege chair and took some public transport in Hangzhou instead of taking DiDI everywhere and I was actually very amazed at the train stations because they all seem to accept payment with phones. There is actually a QR code scanner at every gantry that we can scan with our phones to enter the gantry and this makes everything so much more convenient. We don’t really have to buy a concession card as a tourist and we can avoid queuing to top up our cards. Even the buses here accepts payment through your Union Pay, so I could basically use my phone to pay for it #convenient HAHA I really really hope that Singapore’s transport can do something like this too.

Yas so basically that’s just it for this week. 1 more week to presentation!


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