Classes has officially begun and immediately I notice a marked difference in the style of teaching here. Very few slides, and most of the content delivered verbally. Unfortunately, since everything is in Mandarin, most of the time I’m only able to catch 60-70% of what the lecturer is actually talking about. (Thank God for good friends who can translate everything else that I don’t understand).

But onto other non academic-related activities….of which there are many!

Shopping district near Xihu!

Met up at a night market nearby Xihu with the class peeps for dinner. Following which was some shopping time for the girls, whilst the guys went dinner part 2 and some “sightseeing”

Armed with fried chicken and milk tea, we began our walk along the Xihu river.

Stop, wait a minute, use my phone, take a picture with it.

Reached a particular section halfway through our walk; with the brightly-lit temple on a hill in the distance and boats with neon lights floating by, so everyone starting taking the “looking contemplatively into the horizon” shot. (see below)

Papa & Child

Walked for another 1-2 hrs until everyone got tired, then we said our goodbyes and all cabbed back home

Might visit another time during the day!

Not many other noteworthy events for this week haha…. But anyways….. beginning to realize that China is actually so much more advanced than Singapore in terms of going “digital”. No… not marketing for Alipay or Tabao….. but it is admittedly quite convenient to be able to walk around without a wallet and just using your phone to book cabs/split bills/pay for meals! The only downside is of course you spend money much quicker too hahahaha

(im gonna go broke at this rate)

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