Week 2 was spent mostly traveling back and forth between Zijingang and Yuquan campus for theme meetings. It might not sound too exciting but those trips did give me a better sense of the city aside from the more popular tourist dense places. Here are some snips to (hopefully) give you a better insights of Hangzhou:

Huantang River | You can find rivers and tributaries running through the city anywhere in Hangzhou, injecting life to the sophisticated landscape of Hangzhou
Somewhere near Yuquan Campus | A soothing sense of order and peace. Doesn’t the sky faintly remind you of Pantone color of the year?
Houjie | The well-famed snack street tucked behind Zijingang Campus. These people work behind the stoves for 16 hours a day with no change of shift, 7 days a week.
Inner City? | A rare sighting of a rather run-down residential in the midst of an upper class concrete forest.
Bicycle Way | Bikes and scooters seem to be the most popular mode of transport amongst teenagers and elderly.
Just Kidding | That’s all for this week 🙂
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Team members: Christabella Adelina / Shaun Yee Han Yi / Tan Yan You, Eiros / Teo Tzu Hsuan Christopher / Yin Ji Sheng In this theme, members are required to explore the possible types of interaction between screens of different sizes and types. From there, the team aims to come out with an intuitive and natural way for cross-device interaction, and allow seamless transfer or sharing of on-screen data via some physical interaction with the users' device.


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