When you are in China, you will never run out of places to visit. You eat, explore, expend.  U rejuvenate and you go again. It definitely feels as if you are on holiday. XD

When you first step foot in China, your first must-go-to scenic spot would be 西湖。It is sure crowded. So do expect a lot of jams and plan your trips well.

Another touristy attraction would be 西溪。 It costs 40RMB for the entrance fee and 60RMB for the boat-ride. This place would be nature lovers. Just compare this to a nature reserve.

Maybe, you are not a nature lover and by now, you are short of just clicking the close button but wait, you are in China. Maybe I can entice you with a visit to a Tea Museum. This place encapsulates the thousands of years of stories on the creation of tea and its progress in China. From the intricate art of tea sets to the globalisation of the Chinese Tea Industry, it is definitely an insight to this beautiful drink that you also drink – Bubble Milk Tea.

Last up, this is something for the jocks. Yes you. With all the good food from 新白鹿, 外婆家 and 绿茶,you would want to keep fit as well right? So why not just climb some mountains and take picturesque photos at the peak of mountains. Just remember to catch your breath and look awesome in every shot.

What’s said is said. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag! Hit the Road! See ya in China. Stay Tune for More Juicy News.

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