In week 5 we had an industrial visit to Wahaha Industrial Park. There the guide explained how the business grew from a mere school items provider to China’s largest beverage provider. We took a tour around the factory and even received free drinks at the end. 

During the weekend three of our members went to the relatively new Shanghai Disneyland. It was slightly raining but all the rides were still open and we got to ride most if not all of the main attractions.

In Week 7 we visited Liangzhu Dreamtown, which houses a company that provides design service for its customers. We got to see all of its creation and cool products, as well as learn a bit about its business model.

On top of it, all of us began our design fiction lessons in throughout the three weeks. Some of us learned to sketch and storyboard on Photoshop while a small group of us took part in a storytelling class. In the storytelling class, we learned to express ourselves through movement by embodying the character which we are, whether it is an environment, a person with an identity, an animal or a plant. We also learned a Chinese number which we will perform soon on 2 July during our mid-term review.

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In this project we will develop a smart wardrobe and fashion recommendation App for daily management and recommendation of clothing. The smart wardrobe has the functions of picture capturing, picture uploading, clothing cataloguing, automatic searching, virtual try-on, online shopping, self timer and SNS. The fashion recommendation App can be used for clothing management, recommendation, online shopping and social networking. The wardrobe and APP can be communicated and the data can be updated in real time. In the project we will study the technologies of product design, interactive interface design, App programming, machine learning and image processing etc.


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