Having heard of the racing team in ZJU, we decided to check out their garage at Yuquan!

The kart they entered for competition last year.
And this year’s one in the making!

A mold they used to make the seat.

After visiting them, of course, we gotta go for some racing too, right? We found a indoor go-kart place, which was 50RMB (student price) for 6 minutes, and a place for playing laser tag (just upstairs). It is not the best place for laser tag though, because the sensor is on the helmet which can be very difficult to aim. Nonetheless, it was 30 minutes of mad running and lotsa fun!

All geared up and ready for battle. It seems like there is already a possible traitor among us hm.

And there is an escape room! It was already tough, but everything in Chinese just increases the difficulty level by 1000x. We would definitely want to go back there again to try another room!

We met a man guiding ducklings while taking a walk in school.

1! 2! 1! 2! Come to papa, lil ones!
Sorry papa, food is more important. (hello there, my fellow soulmates!!)

Also, finally checked out their gym over here.

Ta-da!! It’s just like that.
Okay, kidding. This is the real one. Full of weights and bars. And mosquitoes.
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