So this supposed to be the middle of a sunflower and the seeds will fold up when it's cooled and flatten when it's heated. kinda proud of this HAHA


For the past 7 weeks, besides working on our theme projects, we also went through 2 other mandatory courses, Design Fiction and Design thinking.

For Design Fiction, we were supposed to learn how to express our ideas through a video and our final project was supposed to be us making a 3 minute video about Gen Z, the kids born after 2000. I won’t try to bore you here with what the video is about, but I’m very proud of our video actually HAHA kudos to Timothy for doing all the editing by himself. Here’s a very short video of myself doing a lame-ass round off AHAH the initial idea was for me to do a backtuck but yknow too much food in China and no training makes that a safety hazard so I didn’t do it.


For Design thinking, we were tasked to make a book that would show something. The special part of this book was that it was supposed to having moving parts that can either be activated through heat or electricity. And we were supposed to do the book on illustrator so yes, it was basically 3.007 all over again HAHA really PTSD sia. Also dear Timo had to pangseh me for Shanghai so I was stuck doing it all alone :’) How we made the paper move was to 3D print the filament on the paper and treat it with heat. So when it’s heated the molecules in the filament (I’m not kidding you they told us this) will break their bonds and become less orderly and it will adhere to the paper; after it cools the bonds will form back and fold because SCIENCE but yes, it was quite cool to watch it move even though it was a bit small. Managed to take a picture of my final product so yay. Wouldn’t say I was glad to go through 3.007 again though but it was definitely a more fun project than Design Fiction. This project was also featured on a lot of wechat articles and I was sad that my product only appeared once but it’s ok at least it’s over.

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