Photo by Qiu Hong

This week our theme finally begins working with resin. Taking a didi, we arrived at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and made our way to the workshop which was interestingly situated in the basement.

The first thing we did was make a mold to hold the resin. We cut pieces of wood and covered them with plastic wraps, then nailed the pieces together to make a frame. We made sure to seal the connections off with glue gun to prevent leakage.

Next we mixed 1 to 2.5 proportions of resin and curing agent until the mixture became clear. This ratio ensures that the resin hardens well.

Finally, all that’s left is to pour resin into the mold and throw in whatever we like to. We added all sorts of materials like ink, cotton, wood, cloth, glitter, optic fibers, wire mesh, paper and also blew bubbles.

We heard that the resin would take a day or more to harden and so left for lunch thinking that we could still continue our work when we returned. Unfortunately, we realised too late that larger pieces of resin hardened faster as they heat up more. And so most of us were left with incomplete pieces and also had to throw away a bulk of unused resin.

Coming back the day after, we got back our pieces and checked them out. I have to say some pieces are amazing while  a few turned out less than expected.

Photo by Jan Wai

Nevertheless, it was a fun experience.

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