The screen they used to present their company to us

With the DIP product launch coming up soon, our workload continues to ramp up. With the rehearsal coming up next Tuesday, not only do we have to focus on getting the product done, we also had to think about how we are going to present this whole product, from the speakers to the PowerPoint slides to the videos. It is certainly a different experience compared to 3.007, as while 3.007′s final outcome was an exhibition, DIP’s final outcome was a product launch event. Even though we have done various school presentations before, this is also different as rather than trying to present what we have done, this presentation was more about trying to “sell” the product, which is an entirely different thing altogether.

Of course, work is not all that we had to do this week. The beginning of this week, 18th June, is a online shopping festival in China called the 618 狂欢节, which basically just means 618 Carnival. This meant that many items on the various online shopping platforms were on sale. Naturally, we went nuts:

Room 418’s Taobao Tower

It is indeed difficult to escape one’s love for good deals, which I feel I can even say is a basic human instinct at this point. Back home in Singapore, online shopping platforms are on the rise, so I do hope that they adopt this festival for the sake of all our wallets.

We then ended the week with a visit to City Cloud Technology, a company specialising in IoT solutions. It was intriguing to see how they collect and make use of all sorts of data. With big data being so important right now, I think it is important to learn from such companies as I feel that the importance of big data will only go up from here on out.

The screen they used to present their company to us
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